Snipe Fleet 001 Local Racing Results

[UPDATED March 26, 2017]

The primary practice and training activity for the Dallas Snipe Fleet 001 is the Saturday short course series.

2016 Final short course results.

2017 Short Course Results to date. (Gene Soltero's participation is not counted as he is acting as coach and organizer.)

The 2017 Fleet Championship trophy will be awarded to the skipper who scores the highest average (using the SCIRA fleet scoring method) for all those races in which five or more fleet members participate, provided that the races are at lease one mile in length and 20 minutes in duration. Thus the Short Course Series races will not count. Corinthian Sailing Club Sunday races and races at regattas will count. The fleet champion crew will be similarly recognized. Fleet Championship standings will be posted after every few days of qualifying races.

2016 Final fleet standings.