Fleet Member dues are $50.00 semi-annually, payable by February 1 and August 1. Members may elect to pay $100 for the full year in the first payment. You can pay by credit card below (which costs us 3.5%) or Venmo to @DallasSnipeFleet001 (which costs us 2%).

You can pay also via Zelle (which puts the money directly into the fleet bank account at no additional cost) as follows:

  • * Pay to: skipper@dalsail.com
  • * The message will say: Are you sending money to Cimarron Capital, Inc., Dallas, TX? skipper@dalsail.com is registered with Cimarron Capital, Inc.
  • * Answer yes and put in the amount.

SCIRA-USA dues are paid directly to SCIRA-USA.

Corinthian Sailing Club dues are paid directly to the Corinthian Sailing Club.


When paying by credit card below, please fill in all the blanks. We just figured out that PayPal just sits there waiting for the form to be completed and doesn't tell you that you left something out (for example, your phone number).