Sailing Snipes at White Rock Lake in Dallas--A snipe owner may trailer his boat to White Rock lake and simply launch from a public pier and join our races. Or the owner may join the White Rock Boat Club at the North end of the lake or the Corinthian Sailing Club ("CSC") further South (where most all the other snipes are located). At either club, the boats are dry-sailed from davits where they are lifted above the water or launched from dollies stored on a boat pad. A boat purchaser who wants to purchase a davit or use a boat pad and keep his boat at CSC must join CSC as a regular member. If you are considering sailing a Snipe or other class but don't have a boat at one of the clubs you can join CSC as an associate member. For more information visit

Snipe Loaner Fleet at CSC--Dallas Snipe Fleet 001 currently (as of September 2022) has 16 Snipes located at CSC, three of which are additions since early December 2021. For the 2022 Snipe sailing season, fifteen of the then available boats were, at one time or another, loaned for use in our Snipe training sessions and races, and our regattas.

Eleven of our sixteen Snipes are officially in the Snipe Fleet Loaner Program. Eight of the boats are owned by the fleet and three are owned by individuals who are making them available to the loaner program in return for the fleet being responsible for maintenance of the boats. The remaining five are loaned individually by their owners to the more advanced skippers at times and in conditions determined by the private owners. All these boats being made available to encourage experienced sailors to join the fleet and begin racing with us. We also use them to train beginner and novice sailors who are already members of CSC and non-members who have the opportunity, over several months, to determine whether or not they have enough interest to keep on sailing and join CSC.

Loaner User Conditions--Any qualified skipper who is also a member of CSC may take out one of the loaner boats at any time to sail or race on White Rock Lake, subject to wind limitations based on the skipper's qualifications. A qualified skipper who is not a member of CSC may only use loaner boats to train with the fleet and/or race with the fleet in a scheduled event. Skippers are responsible to repair or replace any damaged parts and are expected to assisted in the repairs and maintenance of any loaner boat they regularly use, as well as participate in the fleet's Task Program. Upon written request and approval from the Fleet Captain and the Principal Race Officer, a regularly racing skipper may borrow a fleet trailer and take one of the fleet loaner boats to an away regatta.

Loaner Use for Local Regattas--Loaner boats may be used by fleet members for local regattas, at no cost. Non-members may use loaner boats (subject to fleet member priority) for local regattas for a charter fee of $100 for a deep cockpit boat and $50 for a shallow cockpit (older) boat.

Sunday Racing Guidelines--The Snipe Fleet participates in the CSC Sunday afternoon racing program and has a set of guidelines where all eleven of the fleet boats may be used in the races. Click here for your copy.

Purchase Conditions--Some of the boats listed below may be purchased from the fleet and others are privately owned, as indicated in the listing. The fleet will only sell loaner boats to sailors who have been actively racing with the Snipe fleet and already are regular members of CSC, or who, upon the purchase, become CSC regular members. If the purchaser no longer is a member of Corinthian Sailing Club, the fleet will have a repurchase option, in order to keep the boat at CSC.

Priority Order--Here is the priority ranking of the loaner fleet, with the best boats listed first, and showing whether the boat is owned privately or by the Snipe Fleet, and its manufacturer:

  • 1. (Fleet) Nickels Snipe #29540: "Nickels Boat," in Davit #21.
  • 2. (Fleet) Persson Snipe #29956: "Blue Stripe Boat" in Davit 20.
  • 3. (Fleet) Thor Snipe #27054: "Thor Boat" in Davit 14
  • 4. (Fleet) Persson Snipe #28369: "Grey Boat" in Davit 15.
  • 5. (Fleet) Jibe Tech Snipe #27927: "Beyond Therapy" in Davit 12.
  • 6. (Fleet) Jibe Tech Snipe #29817: "Edison Boat" in Davit 2
  • 7. (Fleet) Jibe Tech Snipe #28099: "Gremmie" in Davit 4
  • 8. (Private) Jibe Tech Snipe #28780: "Cindy's Boat" in Davit 16.
  • 9. (Fleet) McLaughlin Snipe #26666: "Four Sixes" in Davit 38.
  • 10. (Private) McLaughlin Snipe #25060: "Southern Exposure" in Davit 132.
  • 11. (Private) McLaughlin Snipe #26805: "Blue Boat" in Davit 111.