Quite a few years ago SCIRA asked some of the best sailors in the U.S. how they felt about competing in the Snipe. Here's a sample of what they had to say:

"The competition combined with the design of the boat makes the Snipe Class the place to be to work on tactics. There is also unmatched camaraderie which keeps things in perspective."
      Mark Reynolds, Gold Medal - Star Class - Barcelona 1992

"If you round the first mark six boat lengths behind the leader in a 470 race you're probably in second place. If you round six boat lengths behind in a Snipe race you're lucky if you're in the top ten! We were so impressed by the Snipe Class competition that we chose to race the entire Snipe Southern Circuit the spring prior to the 1988 Olympic trails instead of traveling to Europe for the 470 Worlds."
      Allison Jolly, Silver Medal - Women's 470 - Pusan 1988

"The Snipe is a true one-design boat. The emphasis is on tactics since boat speeds are so equal." I highly recommend that everyone at the highest competitive level spend some time in a Snipe.
      Paul Foerster, Silver Medal - Flying Dutchman - Barcelona 1992

"Why are we buying a new Snipe? It's really very simple; To keep pushing. The competitive nature of the boats and the emphasis on tactics makes it a great place to keep your skills sharp. The people are fun and the class has a reputation for great parties."
      Jim Brady, Silver Medal - Soling Class Barcelona 1992
      Julia Trotman, Silver Medal - Europe Class - Barcelona 1992

"The Snipe provides a truly unique racing experience... Its basically a cross between closed course college racing and an open water boat speed contest. The fact that there is a wide range in competitive crew weights and that there are many husband/wife teams out there racing really makes it a boat for everyone. Maybe it is this aspect of Snipe racing that I enjoy the most. Being able to race competitively with my wife or kids against other boats doing exactly the same thing makes it a great family boat as well."
      Greg Fisher, Lightning North American Champion - 1990

"The Snipe is a highly technical, highly responsive minimally expensive boat. Even though setting up the rig to go fast is a challenge, a relatively inexperienced crew can win if they sail well, whether they weigh 275 in a breeze or 320 in light air. Its leaders give the Class a strong direction and versatility, and the parties are fun. Every sailor should have one!"
      Peter Commette, Laser World Champion - 1975, Snipe National Champion - 1996

"The things that attract me to the Snipe were the relative cheap cost of racing the boat, the fact that two "normal" weight people could compete together and the reputation of the Class as competitive, yet friendly. After a few regattas I found these things were certainly true. When I began my Olympic Campaign I felt it was important to compete in classes other than just the Europe Dinghy. This would enable me to keep sharp tactically and learn as much as possible. I preferred crewing because it would enable me to race without as much responsibility had I organized the effort. Snipe sailing improved my physical stamina and taught me the importance of hiking hard. The close quarter racing in large fleets and continually being relied on for input from aggressive helmsmen sharpened my tactical abilities. Snipe sailing has also increased my general knowledge regarding sail trim, design developments and boat maintenance. I always recommend it as a good class for any sailor."
      Nancy Haberland, Annapolis, MD

"The strength of the Snipe Class is in its superior management. The Snipe Bulletin is as good a one-design publication as exists, communications are excellent among members and the class is very well run. This Class is one of the best when it comes to socializing. Snipe sailors know the importance of good racing but don't place all of the emphasis on the racing and winning. They want to have fun and enjoy the friendships that they make through the sport. Another important aspect is the placing of major regattas in great locations where you would not normally travel and where anyone can be competitive. There's no point in having all the regattas out in the open ocean where only a few people will dominate."
      John MacCausland

"The Snipe was the perfect springboard for my Olympic pursuits. Many of the top Snipe sailors already had their other foot into Olympic or major offshore pursuits. They brought similar intensity to the Class. However, regardless of what happens on the water there is always a strong social environment that usually lasts long into the night. It is this balance that makes the Snipe Class special. After concluding my Olympic campaign, returning to the Snipe was just what I needed. The special balance of the Class has once again gotten me excited about our sport."
      Craig Leweck, Snipe National Champion - 1988